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Emergency LED Lights – Beacons – Flares (6 Colors)

This 16 Emergency LED Beacon flare has 9 flash patterns. It is shock resistant, waterproof and durable. The magnet allows the unit to be attached to metal surfaces. The emergency flare can be recharged using a 12V car charger or a 220V wall charger (supplied with unit)


Product Description


Voltage: Lithium Ion 700mAH – 3.7V Battery ±5 Years Battery Life
Colours: Red, Amber, Blue, Green, White & Yellow
Light Source: 16 High Bright Long Life LEDs
Flash Patterns: Rotate 9 hrs, Quad flash 9 hrs, Single blin 60 hrs, Alternating blink 9 hrs, SOS Rescue 14 hrs, Steady on 5 hrs, 2 LED Flash 9 hrs, 4 LED Flash 6 hrs, Steady on low 35 hrs
Charger: Unit can be charged with a 12V car charger or a 220V wall charger (supplied with unit) Unit will be fully charged within 3 hours
IP rating: IP67, Unit can be submerged down to 2m and cvan float on water. Durable construction
Weight: 285g
Packaging Dimensions: 110x110x80mm

Rechargable Battery
Voltage 12 VDC / 220 VAC