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Long Range Electronic Siren – Pavian (115db)

PAVIAN electronic sirens represent the highest level of electronic systems offered by Telegrafia. These are modular electronic devices primarily designed for establishing large and complex warning systems requiring sophisticated control and efficient siren status monitoring. They are also used as locally controlled devices where required due to a more complex interface with the environment or when a sophisticated algorithm for reacting to external signals is desired. Based on information gained from the environment, these systems are capable of reacting on the basis of modifiable algorithms and, in addition to acoustic warning system initiation; they are also capable of controlling external devices. For instance a certain value of a harmful substance as read by a sensor connected directly to the siren’s input can be of such a character that the siren activates a beacon or text message in addition to acoustic warning system initiation.

PAVIAN electronic systems not only represent a sophisticated terminal acoustic element with different control methods but they also have interfaces and basic options for monitoring and controlling implemented systems. Since monitoring systems often form a part of warning systems, the application of a PAVIAN type siren enables cost savings with regards to parallel establishment of these separate systems. It is possible to form arrangements with outputs from 300 W to 4,500 W.