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Long Range Siren - 10DLong Range Siren - 10D

Long Range Siren – Blaster 10D (142db)

The Long Range Siren – Blaster 10D (142db) is a motor driven low frequency sirens are the ideal solution to efficiently and effectively cover vast areas mass signalling in hazardous or industrial situations. The Long Range Siren – Blaster 10D  is ideally suited.

These omni – directional high powered alarms are long lasting sirens made from cast aluminium and finished with high gloss automotive epoxy paint.

They are frequently used in mining, petrochemical, quarries, civil and commercial operations, hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

Product Description

Main Features of the Long Range Siren – Blaster 10D (142db)
Voltages 400/600v – 50/60Hz 3 Phase
IP rating standard IP 55 higher on request IP 66
Motor – 4 kW or 5,5kw motor – 2900 rpm ( motor depends on application)
Operating temperature -20 to +45 degrees C. Higher on request.
Omni directional for long and wide range
Continuous rated duty cycle siren , pulse tone 15 minutes
Aluminium extruded motor casing & impellors
Environmental protection guards standard
ATEX approved models available
Optional – anti icing / snow heater, electronic siren control activation.
Manual & wireless control boxes available
Continuous Duty Cycle – pulse limited depending on duration.
Sound Output – Up to 142 dB (A) at 1 m
Sound Frequency – 570 Hz – air raid sound App
Long range siren with 8km to 10km range depending on various factors
Current Consumption* 400 V – 10 A 600 V – 6,5 A
Packing Dimensions 600 x 480 x 500 mm; Weight – 65Kg on standard model
Mounting The long range siren should ideally be mounted in a horizontal position. In environments where dirt or particles may fall onto the moving parts of the siren’s impeller, it is recommended to place a protective shield above the