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Long Range Siren
Long range siren 15DLong Range Siren - 15DLong Range Siren - 15D

Long Range Siren – Blaster 15D (145db)

The Long Range Siren – Blaster 15D (145db)is a motor driven low frequency sirens are the ideal solution to efficiently and effectively cover long and wide range areas with an alerting signals.

These omni – directional high powered long range sirens are long lasting sirens made from cast aluminium.

They are frequently used in mining, petrochemical, quarries, civil and commercial operations, hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

Product Description

Main Features of the Long Range Siren – Blaster 15D
Voltages 400/600v – 50/60Hz 3 Phase ( Alternative voltages on request)
IP rating standard IP 55 higher on request
Audibility output +145dB at 1m
Long range siren with audibility range 15km in ideal conditions
Omni directional peaking in front of stator
Aluminium extruded motor casing & cast impellors & guards.
Environmental protection guards standard
Operating temperature -20 to +45 degrees C. Higher on request.
ATEX approved models available
Optional – anti icing / snow heater, electronic siren control activation.
Manual & wireless control boxes available
Sound Frequency 560 Hz long range siren
App. Range 10 000 – 15 000m in still air open field
Motor 7.5 kW motor – 2875 rpm
Current Consumption 400V – 14A,  600V – 11A
Weight 110kg
Packing Dimensions 650 x 650 x 550mm
Mounting Securely mounted bolted to secure structure in horizontal position