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Long Range Siren – Blaster 5D (131db)

The Blaster range of motor driven low frequency sirens are the ideal solution to efficiently and effectively cover vast area alert signals.

These omni – directional high powered alarms are long lasting sirens made from cast aluminium.

They are frequently used in mining, petrochemical, quarries, civil and commercial operations, hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

Product Description

Main Features of the Long Range Siren – Blaster 5D (131db)

  • Powerful wide area sound coverage
  • Wireless, GSM remote controlled (available)
  • IP rating standard IP 55 higher up to IP 65
  • Omni directional peaking in front of stator
  • Aluminium extruded motor casing & cast impellors & guards
  • Environmental protection guards standard
  • Long lasting automotive finish
  • Weight 45Kg
  • ATEX approved models available
  • Optional – anti icing / snow heater, electronic siren control activation and soft starter or frequency and alternative power generators
  • ATEX approved models available