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Long Range Siren - SO4

Long Range Siren – SO4 (125db)

The long range siren – SO4 is a weatherproof motor driven long range siren designed for vertical mounting and designed for outdoor warning over small/medium areas.

Manufactured from cast aluminium, it is rugged in construction, has a continuous rating and is built for use on an industrial level.

Typical applications of the the siren is for safety and security in mining, factories, schools and other areas where high sound is required. up to 1.5km

Product Description

Features of the Long Range Siren – SO4 (125db)

  • Long range siren with high sound output (up to 125dB)
  • Powerful long range siren low frequency sound
  • Weatherproof siren to IP55
  • Vertical siren for easy mounting
  • Low voltage DC and high voltage AC variants
  • Control Box available