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Smoke Detector

The Smoke Detector reacts to visible smoke particles. If too much smoke enters its measuring chamber, an alarm is triggered. In the measuring chamber, an integrated infrared light source generates a light pulse every 8 seconds. Smoke particles from a fire change the light signal received by the light diode. A relay trips and the alarm center reports a fire alarm. The 12V optical smoke detector is mounted on the ceiling in the center of the room. The minimum distance to the side wall should be 30cm. We recommend a separate smoke detector for each entrance area, staircase, living-room, and bedroom. By changing a jumper, you can configure the optical smoke detector as NO or as NC detector. It is therefore suitable for every wired alarm system. The smoke detector is supplied externally with 12 V operating voltage and is EN54 certified.


Product Description

Features of Smoke Detector

• Suitable for connecting to alarm and fire detection systems
• Detects visible smoke particles
• Self-adjusting
• Potential-free alarm relay
• Tested according to EN54-7