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Early Warning System – Tsunami & Tornado

Huge tsunami tidal waves caused by tectonic movements under the sea level have proved, especially in the last decades, to represent a high risk for many islands as well as continental shores. Early warning and announcing systems consisting of a forecasting and monitoring subsystem with sensors and from an acoustic warning subsystem represented mainly by electronic sirens are able to achieve substantial  elimination of casualties.

Solution description

In several countries threatened by tsunami they have already built a forecasting and monitoring subsystem for monitoring of natural phenomena and this system is administered by specialised institutions. Proposed solution consists in addition of an acoustic warning subsystem (Pavian electronic sirens network) and interconnecting it with the forecasting and monitoring subsystem. With regard to the need to cover large and broken-relief territories, the satellite data transfer was assessed as the most suitable control and communication method. If necessary, it can be supplemented with an alternate radio signal or a GPRS signal from ground-based transmitters. If the siren is equipped with local control, it can be used not only for warning inhabitants against an impending danger, it can also be used by rescue forces directly on site to perform rescue works and communicate on the affected territory. Similarly created warning system can also be successfully used in case of danger of other natural phenomena such as tornado, fire, volcano eruption, or earthquake.


Product Description