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Cold Chain Vaccine Storage & Handling


Vaccines in your doctor’s fridge may be useless” breaking the cold chain results in lives and vaccines lost

Best practice guidance for storage and handling.

There are few immunization issues more important than the appropriate storage and handling of vaccines.

Sure Chill

Our World Health Organization approved medical vaccine refrigerators are revolutionising the cold chain, they’re proven, already protecting life-saving vaccines in 49 countries.

No other vaccine refrigerator in the world has the combination of temperature stability and unfailing cooling without power. Our robust and reliable technology ensures cooling that hospitals, clinics, and patients can depend on.

Vaccine is only as good as the cold chain temperature in which it is stored.

Our World Health Organisation approved medical vaccine, blood bank refrigerators and medicine fridge’s have revolutionised the cold chain and operated in more than 49 countries worldwide.

From refrigerators that chill your favourate cool drink be it in Africa, the Middle East or Lagos, Nigeria or to those that store medicines and support blood banks in remote medical centres & clinics, refrigeration systems are essential to every part of people’s lives. But they are sadly inefficient. They need to have constant connection to power to hold the chilled temperature. Conventional coolers are in a constant battle with nature. While the sun heats the world vast amounts of energy are used to cool things down again. There is a need for a sustainable cooling solution that works and keeps working even when for periods when you do not have electricity.
Sure Chill is a brand new kind of cooling system. It doesn’t need a constant power source. In an on-grid situation with intermittent power, it works perfectly well. In an off-grid situation, where a solar panel may be used, a Sure Chill powered refrigerator doesn’t even need a rechargeable battery. It shouldn’t work but it does. And it works beautifully.

Sure Chill saves vaccines

How does it work?

Water surrounds a Sure Chill refrigeration compartment. When it has power, the water cools and forms ice above the compartment leaving only water at four degrees cooling the contents. When the power is switched off, the water warms and rises while the ice begins to melt, keeping only four-degree water cooling the contents of the compartment. So it has its own internal and entirely natural energy store that maintains a completely steady temperature. The system can operate like this, without power, for days and weeks.

Because the system is based on a law of nature, appliances using it are reliable and robust even in the harshest environments. It is designed to work without power for many days, it can help get life-saving medicines to remote communities. And because it’s Smart Grid ready, it can be powered whenever energy is cheapest, saving money for consumers and energy companies as well as saving resources for the planet.

No other vaccine refrigerator in the world has the combination of temperature stability and unfailing cooling without power.

We are proud that our manufacturing partner, Zero Appliances is the only certified SureChill manufacture in Africa and we at Medco/Ummac are ready to serve you and save lives.

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