The medical brands offered by UMMAC are all designed and tested according to the World Health Organisations international best practices so you can feel very confident that your vaccine will be constantly maintained within the medical cold chain parameters. In fact the vaccine or blood bank refrigerators with the SURE Chill technology guarantees no possibility of frozen blood or vaccines. The intelligent temperature management system will keep vaccines and other products at the correct temperature and will limit temperature variations within the cabinet area, to less than 1 degree C.

Vaccines are sensitive biological products. Some vaccines are sensitive to freezing, some to heat and others to light. Vaccine potency, meaning its ability to adequately protect the vaccinated patient, can diminish when the vaccine is exposed to inappropriate temperatures. Once lost, vaccine potency cannot be regained. To maintain quality, vaccines must be protected from temperature extremes. Vaccine quality is maintained using a cold chain that meets specific temperature requirements. It is essential that all those who handle vaccines and diluents know the temperature sensitivities and the recommended storage temperatures for all the vaccines.

Clinics, Laboratories, Hospitals, Pharmacies or even doctors rooms can take confidence that our products are also SAHPRA approved and follow environmental green standards offering solar, gas or electric power alternatives in helping you maintain the cold chain at all times. ( A temperature guide can be obtained in news section titled – THE VACCINE COLD CHAIN

The Vaccine Cold Chain

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