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Electric, Gas, Solar and Paraffin

All the Medco or Surechill brands are either or both SAHPRA ( South African Health Products Regulatory Authority ) or and  WHO ( World Health Organisation) certified medical refrigerators and freezers so you can be assured of the highest international quality, and medical standards associated with these medical organisations. The refrigerators and freezers all have digital temperature gauges that are visual and can be set and used in laboratories , clinics, hospitals, pharmacies as well as field hospitals powered via solar or gas/electric.
The fridges with the Sure Chill technology guarantees that vaccines or blood have no possibility of freezing. The intelligent temperature management system will keep vaccines and other products like blood at the correct holding temperatures and will limit temperature variations within the cabinet area to less than 1 degree C.

A further innovation is the optional extra factory fitted WHO approved Stat Send web based monitoring system. Fitting this monitoring system guarantees 24Hr external control and increased warranty on the fridge. The Stat Send monitoring unit is essential if one is to ensure total control.

  • Low Temperature Freezers

    Low Temperature Freezers (4)

    Welcome to our comprehensive range of Low Temperature Medical Freezers, meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the exacting standards of the medical and research communities. Our cutting-edge technology, coupled with robust safety features and optional battery backup, ensures unparalleled reliability and peace of mind.
  • Pharmacy Refrigeration

    Pharmacy Refrigeration (2)

    Introducing our extensive selection of Pharmacy Refrigeration solutions, meticulously engineered to fulfill the exacting demands of pharmaceutical storage with an emphasis on safety, dependability, and precise temperature management. Tailored for pharmacies, hospitals, and medical facilities, our refrigeration units boast advanced technology and resilient features, ensuring the preservation of medications and vaccines with unwavering integrity.
  • Medical Vaccine Fridge

    Medical Vaccine Fridge (26)

    The medical brands offered by UMMAC are all designed and tested according to the World Health Organisations international best practices so you can feel very confident that your vaccine will be constantly maintained within the medical cold chain parameters. In fact the vaccine or blood bank refrigerators with the SURE Chill technology guarantees no possibility of frozen blood or vaccines.…
  • Blood Bank Refrigerators

    Blood Bank Refrigerators (6)

    Blood Bank refrigerators are specially designed and temperature set for the best possible preservation be it at research hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, veterinarian institutes or general blood bank clinics. More Information
  • Laboratory Refrigeration

    Laboratory Refrigeration (2)

    Modern laboratory refrigeration requires very reliable refrigeration and our solid stainless steel hinged door MED690R and MED1140R units perfect of the task. Working with sensitive product we further can offer the World Health Organisation approved remote temperature monitoring factory fitted software that will ensure 24hr protection and notification of either refrigeration movement, door opening, electrical outages and refrigeration performance.
  • Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

    Ultra Low Temperature Freezers (3)

    Introducing our state-of-the-art Ultra Low Temperature Freezers, designed to redefine the standards of cryogenic storage. Engineered for precision, reliability, and energy efficiency, these freezers cater to the specialized needs of laboratories, research institutions, and medical facilities.